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Legacy Portfolios

Borthwick’s Legacy Portfolios are customized to each client’s unique goals and objectives. We manage equity assets for taxable and tax-deferred accounts, for both individuals and small corporations. Our minimum account size is $250,000*, with our typical portfolio averaging $1 million in assets. Borthwick’s multi-cap investment strategy allows us to work with growth accounts as well as conservative, income oriented investors.

Borthwick’s investment strategy uses stocks of various market capitalizations, industry sectors and valuations in order to meet the goals of our clients. Because we’re an independent manager, we’re able to select our investments from an endless array of companies, rather than being tied to static focus lists like some other advisors. Furthermore, our small size offers us the flexibility to quickly adjust our portfolios to changing market conditions while maintaining our underlying investment strategy. These are important considerations for investors in today’s volatile marketplace.

Legacy Portfolios receive an easy to understand valuation and performance report at the end of each calendar quarter. Our letter conveniently summarizes the current economic environment and speaks specifically about your portfolio. We encourage face-to-face or Zoom video meetings at least once a year to identify changing client needs, but our professionals are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Our advisory fee is competitive and payable quarterly. Clients are also entitled to significant brokerage discounts if they use our preferred broker, Fidelity Investments. However, if you have an existing brokerage relationship that you wish to continue with, that’s okay too. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible with the way your assets are being managed.




*New accounts may be accepted for lesser amounts based on management’s discretion. For example, exceptions may be made for clients planning to add to their accounts or for existing clients who already participate in one of our other investment programs.