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Welcome to Borthwick Associates

Borthwick Associates is an independent Registered Investment Advisor focusing on common stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). We provide fee-only portfolio management to individuals, families and small corporations. We have successfully navigated our clients through the many economic booms and recessionary cycles dating back to 1981.

Our small firm is employee-owned and dedicated to your long-term success in the market.  The custodian of our accounts is Fidelity Investments.  We offer several different, wealth-building pathways for you to choose from:

  • Our Legacy Portfolios are as unique as you are.  Each begins with a blend of common stocks & ETFs chosen for your specific goals.  Individual holdings are actively monitored over time, and replaced if determined they no longer align with those goals.  Big picture shifts in asset mix happen hand-in-hand with scheduled (i.e. retirement), as well as completely unexpected (i.e. declining health), changes in your life.
  • Our Dividend Portfolios are for investors seeking to achieve an above-market portfolio yield.  Here we focus on companies that have a history of high, stable or rising dividends.  Dividend portfolios can also be a good option for growth investors during extended slow-growth or inflationary cycles in the economy.
  • Our ETF Portfolios are for investors looking for targeted exposure to a specific market style (i.e. growth or value) or sector (i.e. technology).  Conversely, ETF portfolios can also be a smart choice for smaller investors looking to diversify in a cost-effective manner.

We invite you to explore our website to gain a better understanding of our different pathways to market success and to learn about our owners.  When you’re ready, please phone either Tom or Meg at 630-581-5627 to begin what we hope will be your most rewarding, personalized investment experience ever.


Minimum account size is $250,000.  New accounts may be accepted for lesser amounts based on management’s discretion. For example, exceptions may be made for clients planning to add to their accounts or for existing clients who are starting new accounts for children or grandchildren.